First 4K HDMI recording PCB arrived!

OK, the first PCB with 4K HDMI recorder chip has arrived and checked successfully! This first version has FMC connector and uses Xilinx VC705 baseboard to test the 4K video recording capabilities. The board:


Checking video input clock and synchronization:


Checking I2C communication:


Equipment used to bring this project to life:


LeCroy DDA 120 oscilloscope (500 MHz, 2-8 GSamples/sec) : for analyzing slow signals.For example debugging  I2C bus communication issues. In general I use it for signals up to 100-150 MHz.

Tektronix 694C (3 GHz, 10 GSamples/sec) : this is a heavy horse. Together with 4 GHz active FET probes it shows any issues with HDMI, MIPI or USB3 buses.

Tektronix 11801C : This one, from early 90’s has an amazing 20 GHz analog bandwidth! Together with TDR head ( 17 ps. rise time!) it helps to resolve signal integrity issues on the PCB board – like impedance matching , signal degradation due to vias and crosstalk issues.

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